Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing, WIEGO

WIEGO is a network of individuals and institutions from three broad constituencies:

Membership-based organizations (MBOs) of informal workers such as cooperatives, unions and associations
Researchers and statisticians who carry out research, data collection, or data analysis on the informal economy
Professionals from development agencies (inter-governmental, governmental, and non-governmental) who provide services to or shape policies towards the informal workforce
In all of WIEGO's activities, it seeks to increase the voice, visibility, and validity of the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy:
Increased Voice – by supporting and strengthening organizations of the working poor, networking and linking such organizations and helping them to gain representation in the policy-making and rule-setting bodies that affect their work and lives.
Increased Visibility – by undertaking and sponsoring research; helping to develop and improve official labour force and other economic statistics on informal employment and the informal economy; and convening and participating in research conferences.
Increased Validity – by promoting mainstream recognition of the working poor in informal employment as legitimate economic agents who contribute to the overall economy and are, therefore, legitimate beneficiaries of economic and social policies; and by promoting the incorporation of the working poor into policy-making and rule-setting processes.


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