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Scavenging on the edge of Venezuelan society Last Updated on 2012-04-29 00:00:00 Read the Full Article at AlJazeera.com Cuidad Guayana, Venezuela - Emiliano Veria searches through knee-high piles of garbage, in a dump that stretches to the horizon. It's a daily fight between him, scores of other scavengers and carrion birds. Amid smouldering waste, the pickers look for metals and clothes to sell. Alongside the vultures, they hunt for food to eat. "It's not better here than elsewhere, but I can't find work and I have no money. The little I find here is to buy food. If not, I have nothing. Nothing here, no work," Veria said. The 29-year-old has been working at Cambalache - on the edge of Ciudad Guayana in Venezuela's eastern Bolivar State - for more than a year, usually for three months at a time. He, like his wife and children with him, is a member... More »
Global Alliance for Recycling and Sustainable Development (GARSD) Last Updated on 2011-08-29 17:19:52 Five solid waste recovery organizations in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Uruguay, are founding members of Global Alliance for Recycling and Sustainable Development (GARSD). The alliance's mission is to promote sustainable household waste management in emerging and ddeveloping countries, and it has become an important source of learning and exchange of recovery organizations.ved are Involved are CEMPRE,  Brazil, http://www.cempre.org.br/ CEMPRE, Colombia, http://www.cempre.org.co/ CEMPRE, Uruguay, http://www.cempre.org.uy/  SUSTENTA from Mexico, http://www.sustenta.org.mx/   ADAN from Venezuela, http://www.adan.org.ve/ PETCO from South Africa, http://www.petco.co.za/ TIMPSE from Thailand, http://www.tipmse.or.th/ More »