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For many in India, landfill is a livelihood and a home Last Updated on 2012-04-28 00:37:25   Read the Full Article on NYDailyNews.com The children didn't notice the ravens and occasional vulture circling overhead, or the stream of black ooze that flowed nearby, or the inescapable stench of decay. They were squealing over a 4-cent ride on a small, hand-powered Ferris wheel. The kids are growing up in New Delhi's 70-acre Ghazipur landfill, a post-apocalyptic world where hundreds of pickers climb a 100-foot-high trash pile daily, dodging and occasionally dying beneath belching bulldozers that reshape the putrid landscape. On "trash mountain," families earn $1 to $2 a day slogging through waist-deep muck. But the residents also marry, have children on their dirt floors, pray and celebrate life's other milestones. "I am very proud to be a rag picker; we keep you healthy," said Jai Prakash Choudhary, who has spent years... More »
Need for Global Attention to Solid Waste Management Last Updated on 2012-04-19 00:00:00 An Article by our Global Landfill Mapping Initiative Technical Advisor Ranjith Annepu on the Global WTERT Council Blog.   Some countries have achieved considerable success in solid waste management. But the rest of the world is grappling to deal with its wastes. In these places, improper management of solid waste continues to impact public health of entire communities and cities; pollute local water, air and land resources; contribute to climate change and ocean plastic pollution; hinder climate change adaptation; and accelerate depletion of forests and mines. Compared to solid waste management, we can consider that the world has achieved significant success in providing other basic necessities like food, drinking water, energy and economic opportunities. Managing solid wastes properly can help improve the above services further. Composting organic waste can help... More »
Talking Trash on SocialEdge.Org Last Updated on 2012-04-09 04:34:09 More »
What lies beneath – digging in the world’s trash cans: Part 1 Last Updated on 2012-03-27 01:55:40   An Article by Preethi Sukumaran on blog.krya.in A graphic photo in The Hindu recently inspired this two part blog post. As we walk around Chennai, we often have to navigate mounds of garbage. Garbage has a mysterious way of reappearing in double its size after it has been hauled away just a night before, and I cannot help being intrigued by the contents of trash. Even protected areas like the bio-diverse IIT Madras campus suffer from the garbage problem. A week back on one of our now frequent walks in the IIT campus, Srini and I came across a couple of beautiful spotted deer busily nosing around old discarded containers of junk food. As we gently chased away the deer (who looked most grieved) and safely disposed the junk food container; we began talking about Chennai’s trash cans, and what ails... More »
Informal Waste Pickers & Privatization in Mumbai Last Updated on 2012-03-14 01:17:20 More »