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World Bank 'What a Waste' report: LINK and here: http://go.worldbank.org/HM0LZ42410


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Interview of Edward Humes, Author of Garbology - Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash Last Updated on 2012-04-09 05:17:34   Read the Full Interview on PenguinGroup.com Why did you decide to write about garbage? Everybody knows waste is a problem. But did you know trash is now America’s biggest export? That one of the tallest structures in Los Angeles is a mountain of garbage? That the average American is on track to make 102 tons of trash in a lifetime, twice what we were rolling to the curb in 1960? Garbology began with a simple question: Is there a way back from our disposable economy, this addiction to waste? The short answer is: yes. I found a growing number of families, communities, and businesses doing just that -- cutting waste and prospering in the process. Garbology is their story. What was the most surprising thing you discovered during your research? The most surprising part of the story is just how wasteful we are without really knowing it --... More »