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Understanding Waste

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Valuing Waste Last Updated on 2012-07-24 20:06:05 This was a joint capstone project undertaken by Alli Zomer, Sadie Paschke and Serene Zhou from the Humphrey Institue of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota under the guidance of Peercy Chavanne, Allison Naman, Juliana Seidel, and Jay Bowman. The project was a product of the Cason Family Foundation's research initiatives to encourage informal waste recycling. Additional guidance and overall monitoring was provided by Roxanne Cason and Ranjith Annepu of the Cason Family Foundation.   Cason Capstone Valuing Waste More »
Grappling With a Garbage Glut Last Updated on 2012-04-23 09:40:59   Each week, we push our trash to the curb, and it seemingly disappears. But where does it all go: the spent cartons of milk, the computer keyboard fried by spilled coffee, those empty dog food cans? A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to find out. In 2009, they began attaching transmitter chips to thousands of pieces of ordinary garbage. They tossed this "smart trash" into the bin, sat back and watched the tortuous, disturbing path that our garbage often takes: the meanderings of electronic waste as it headed for distant shores, of ratty old sneakers that ran the equivalent of a dozen marathons, of printer cartridges that traversed the continent not once but twice on the road to recycling. Read Full Article on Wall Street Journal   More »
What lies beneath – digging in the world’s trash cans: Part 1 Last Updated on 2012-03-27 01:55:40   An Article by Preethi Sukumaran on blog.krya.in A graphic photo in The Hindu recently inspired this two part blog post. As we walk around Chennai, we often have to navigate mounds of garbage. Garbage has a mysterious way of reappearing in double its size after it has been hauled away just a night before, and I cannot help being intrigued by the contents of trash. Even protected areas like the bio-diverse IIT Madras campus suffer from the garbage problem. A week back on one of our now frequent walks in the IIT campus, Srini and I came across a couple of beautiful spotted deer busily nosing around old discarded containers of junk food. As we gently chased away the deer (who looked most grieved) and safely disposed the junk food container; we began talking about Chennai’s trash cans, and what ails... More »
Managing municipal solid waste in Latin America and the Caribbean Last Updated on 2012-01-31 00:00:00   Managing municipal solid waste in  Latin America and the Caribbean   Integrating the private sector, harnessing incentives by Daniel Hoornweg and Natalie Giannelli   As Latin America’s urban population has grown, its solid waste has increased at an even faster pace. Today the region’s urban areas generate about 369,000 tons a day of solid waste. Ensuring that the waste is collected and disposed of properly will require  strengthening the strategic role of municipalities. The private sector already plays a big part in waste collection. But private providers could do more in waste disposal and management, helping to improve service in close coordination with local authorities. Given the methane gas currently released from landfills, carbon finance is another... More »
WASTE AND CLIMATE CHANGE- Global Trends and Strategy Framework Last Updated on 2011-02-05 00:00:00  WASTE AND CLIMATE CHANGE- Global Trends and Strategy Framework By UNEP, United Nations Envrionmental Programme     More »