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Introduction To This Website

This website is currently not updated.

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Currently, there is no central place where information on the informal waste sector is compiled and organized.  Such a place, a Knowledge Hub is needed and will be useful to NGOs, government agencies, public policy advocates, academics and researchers, corporations and waste picker groups interested in implementing best-practice policies and programs specific to their region and culture, and multilaterals and multinationals looking to fund effective programs. This Knowledge Hub links to local and regional organizations as well as global organizations and corporations from around the world with common interest to empower and to include the informal waste sector. It is an interactive open source – a global data base of best practices and lessons learned in the informal waste sector and available to a variety of stakeholders. 

The Global Meta Knowledge Hub will be an interactive website, a source of information for specific target groups which work in fields directly or indirectly related to recyclers (public policy, government, NGOs), waste pickers and the informal waste management sector.

Content published on the Knowledge Hub is approved by academics, researchers and members of the Thinking Group, and is organized by region and by specific field of interest related to the recyclers and waste pickers.

This website provides links to organizations, institutions, and experts that work in this space.